For the last three years I have been travelling the world taking portraits of Jews. The odyssey has been an amazing one, to date I have been to fourteen countries including, Azerbaijan, Argentina, China, Ethiopia, India and Ukraine. I have photographed the ordinary and the extraordinary, from the rich to the homeless and from the religious to the secular. Each portrait is titled not by the sitter’s name but rather by their job or their circumstances. So for example; Spy, Refuse Collector, Rape Victim etc. An unadorned snapshot that challenges the received view of world Jewry.

Skira in Milan will be publishing the portraits in a coffee table book. The launch of the book will coincide with an exhibition of the prints at the Jewish Museum in Camden London. Below is a preview of the portraits, about half the final 120 which will appear in the book.

John Offenbach’s wonderful collection of portraits, boldly and bluntly entitled Jew, could not be more timely. In a

period when antisemitism and racism are rife, when ignorance and prejudice prevail, here is a captivating tale

of the unexpected. A portrait of Jewish people which defies cliche and stereotype. From Brooklyn to Azerbaijan,

from the homeless to the homeland, all human life is here.

Alan Yentob, BBC

This is an intensely mesmerising and important collection of photographs. I find myself looking and saying, not without

emotion, ‘my people.’

Stephen Fry